Arab Water World Dergisi (Ağustos Sayısı)

ATLANTIS offers Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems

ATLANTIS, operating in the fields of Landscape Arrangement areas, agricultural areas and Golf sites, commenced its activities at Istanbul in 1998. It is ongoing with its such activities, at Istanbul in 1998. Manufacturing and installation of agricultural irrigation system, drip irrigation systems, landscape (recreational) irrigation systems, grass cutting/maintenance equipment, snw-thowers, pumps/booster pump system constitute the principal activites of company.

Atlantis manufactures Agricultural Irrigation System (Center Pivot and Lineer Irrigation System) in its own factory in Turkey. These modarn systems will help producers/farmers irrigating their fields to save money, time and labor costs. Today, the Republic of Turkey Ziraat Bank is supporting Agricultural Irrigation System (dripping/sprinkling irrigation), which the bank about these systems. Consequently, when producers/farmers buy Center Pivot or Linear Irrigation System, they will benefit from payment advantages.

Wheat, barley, alfaalfa, potato, cotton, onion,sugar beet, melon, water melon, short fruits-trees and other many of plant will be irrigated by Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation systems. Many countries use these systems with maximum efficiency. Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation system have 25-30 years lifetime.

The fields where these system will be installed will be analyzed by agricultural engineers from Atlantis in order to determine technical details and others specifications. Subsequently, an experienced team prepares a project for the area. The type of crop and soil, the guographical features of the area, and the specific needs of producers/farmers are determined and the installation costs of the system set. Experienced expert technicians from Atlantis ensure a 24/7 after sales services in Turkey.