Arab Water World Dergisi (Kasım-Aralık Sayısı)

ATLANTIS, operating in the fields of Landscape Arrangement Areas, Agricultural Areas and Golf sites, commenced its activities at Istanbul in 1998. It is ongoing with its such activities, reinforced with its Antalya Branch Office included in the organization.

Manufacturing and installation of Agricultural Irrigation Systems, drip Irrigation systems, landscape arrangement (recreational) irrigation systems, grass cutting / maintenance equipment, snowthrowers, pumps / booster pumpsystem constitute the principal activity of ATLANTIS. In order to provide better quality service in the field of gross cutting / maintenance equipment, ATLANTIS has entered into distributorship agreements for Turkey, initially with the world leader TORO and later SPEARS, +GF ALPRENE, MP ROTATOR. LORENTZ, DOSATRON, LEO PUMP, KOMET, RKD, LINDSAY (ZIMMATIC) – GREENFIELD.

Another field of activity of ATLANTIS is Golf. It is providing to investors in Golf such services as correct site selection, feasibility studies, selection of architect, layout projects, construction consultancy in the stage of building construction, application projects and strategic management consultancy.

By realizing a pioneering process in agricultural irrigation, ATLANTIS started manufacturing “CENTER PIVOT” and “LINEAR MOVABLE IRRIGATION SYSTEMS” in its own premises.

By means of its specialized staff which follows up closely the technology in the areas of irrigation and Golf, ATLANTIS is implementing system projects, offering technical support, material sales, as well as consultancy. ATLANTIS also has several distributors and authorized de alers throughout Turkey.